Ohio’s Greatest Landmark: The Tylar Davidson Decorative Fountain

Constructed in 1872, the Tylar Davidson Decorative Fountain stands at a imposing height of forty-three feet. It is positioned in Ohio’s down-town area of Cincinnati and has come to be a symbol of the metropolis since the Decorative Fountain’s dedication.

At the peak of the Decorative Fountain, there is the shape of a woman that stands nine feet tall and has her palms outstretched. With water moving powerfully from her palms and rippling over the rest of the Decorative Fountain, the woman is regarded as a representation of the brilliance of water.

Just below the female shape, there are four grown male individuals which portray the ways in which water supports life. In addition, there are four shapes of young children which reflect the ways in which water is experienced. At the foundation of the Elaborate Fountain, there are 4 relief sections which show the commercial uses of water. Ultimately, each side of the Decorative Fountain’s lower level has 4 drinking spouts which members of the public actually used in the late 19th century.

The Tylar Davidson Decorative Fountain was created as a monument to Davidson, commissioned by Henry Pobasco, his brother-in-law. Essentially a worldwide traveler, Pobasco went all the way to the Federal Republic of Germany on a journey to find an artist endowed with the expertise and enthusiasm for creating the monument that Pobasco had initially conceived. He discovered the excellent designer and artist August von Keling and persuaded him to layout and construct the Tylar Davidson Fountain. Keling was the designer of some of Europe’s greatest Outdoor Fountains. His ideas are mostly the outcome of a venture with another artist, Ferdinand Miller. Apart from working together on the building of the Tylar Davidson Decorative Fountain, the two designers also collaborated on the Royal copper-base alloy Foundry of Bavarin.

The Tylar Davidson Decorative Fountain is switched off during cold weather and switched back on again in May in time for the 1st home contest of the Cincinnati Reds. It was highlighted in the credits of the Cincinnati tv series WKRP. Decorative Fountain Plaza is located on 5th Street and Vine while the Decorative Fountain’s initial miniature model is located in the Cincinnati Museum of Art. The Tylar Davidson Decorative Fountain is considered one of the earliest monuments located in down-town Cincinnati and one of the most visited Decorative Fountains in the U.S.A. It stands as as a continual reminder of how water enjoyed an crucial role in the development of great American cities like Cincinnati.