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A Variety of Landscape Maintenance Services:

We offer a variety of landscaping services for home and business owners and we have the tools, knowledge, and skills to transform your outdoor space. We’ll analyze your property, including soil type, grass density, pests and invasive weeds and formulate a customized plan to improve the health and appearance of all assets currently growing.

Lawn Mowing

For optimum turf health, lawns are never cut more than one-third of blade height. We collect clippings and always keep nice, crisp, clean edges on lawn and bed areas by string trimming. If requested, we will leave the grass clippings in a compost pile on site, otherwise we remove them from your property.

Tree, Bush, Shrub & Flower Planting

The right plantings can immediately transform any property. We’ll properly select and place the appropriate flowers, bushes or trees for your site and zone. We can also rotate plantings by season to ensure you always have plenty of color greeting you when you step outdoors.


Other than the obvious aesthetic value, did you know that mulch can also be great for the overall health of your garden?  Here’s how.


We will prune small trees up to 12 feet off the ground. We will also hand prune your shrubbery to maintain your desired growth patterns and shapes and forms. This is all done while maintaining the highest horticultural practices. Our pruning tools are sterilized after every project with alcohol so as to not spread any potential plant disease from one job to the next. Pruning is a science and an art … and we treat it like that.

Yard Clean Up

Whether it be the spring or the fall, generally you want to give your landscape a little boost during that time of year. Your flower beds cleaned out, winter clutter removed from your yard in the spring or revamping the beds from a long hot summer, believe me your yard will love you for it. We will hand edge your beds, clean your garden beds, add pine bark mulch to those beds, and fertilize your trees and shrubs. In general, a real “spruce-up” (no pun intended).

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