Beauty And Luck!
The Fountain Of Wealth

The Fountain of Wealth is located in the beautiful city of Suntec in Singapore. It is nestled within a commercial building complex and is regarded as the largest fountain in the world. Made entirely of brushed bronze, the fountain is reminiscent of the bronze sculptures created by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The fountain is made up of five parts. It has a base which is made of four large tilted columns. These columns provide support to a large bronze circle or ring which has an external circumference of 66 meters. Water is sprayed from the ring over a smaller fountain found in the center. The base of the Fountain of Wealth measures at approximately 1683 square meters and is submerged into the cement foundation of the commercial building complex.

The fountain was the end result of an elaborate architectural design that stretches up to around five city blocks. Each of these blocks is the home to a towering skyscraper. Likewise, each building represents the fingers of the human hand. They are seen as emerging from the ground, giving an illusion that they are embracing Suntec City. The fountain, which is found at the base or palm of the hand, completes the artistic ensemble. The full character of the fountain and the architectural element that surrounds it can only be witnessed from far above the cityscape.

The Fountain of Wealth has been known to give good luck to both locals and visitors. It is usually turned off throughout the day. People are encouraged to put their hands in the tiny fountain found in the center of the bigger structure. It is believed that walking around the small fountain and touching the water will bring wealth and success in the future.

The nights in Suntec City are just as exciting. At dusk, the Fountain of Wealth is backlit by beautiful white lights which create a romantic atmosphere that is absolutely perfect for a balmy evening walk. Weekends are equally entertaining as the enormous fountain becomes the focal point of a modern laser show.

The Fountain of Wealth is no doubt an elegant combination of water, texture and modern structures which continue to attract thousands of visitors to Suntec city. It remains a national and cultural landmark of Singapore and a must-see for anyone who’s traveling to the Far East.